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“How to Choose Your Next Winning Stocks. . .

. . . Using This Simple and Easy to Follow Techniques”

(Updated 2020)



Are you into stock market that have the following problems?

-          Stacked up to stock position that you can’t sell because it’s losing

-          Confused on how to choose your next stocks to buy

-          Confused which stocks you are going to buy from the recommended stocks

-          You choose one from the recommended stocks but still you don’t get your expected result

-          Lose from previous trade because you don’t know when to sell your stocks


If your answer to the above problem is YES…

… This is absolutely for you and I urge you to read on… IMMEDIATELY!


You know what? The main reason behind that is knowledge.

“Knowledge is Power” sbi nga ni Ka Ernie.

Here is the thing, if you don’t have enough knowledge in selecting your next stock to buy and just follow the crowd, you’ll end up struggling to your stock position.

Your stock investing will turn into nightmare.  



If you have enough knowledge in choosing the good stocks to buy, you have a high chance to avoid the above problems and make profit from your stocks.

You will not struggle to your stock position and have confident on every trade because you are using your knowledge to buy stocks and did not just base from others opinion.


What if…

You will discover a simple but powerful technique that can help you in your stock investing and trading.

… Or additional technique that can boost your trading skills.

My name is Abner Meneses, your fellow stock market investor and trader in our beloved country. Allow me to share to you what I’ve learned from successful trader during the time when I am struggling in my stock position.

Let me introduce to you an e-book that will teach you the simple yet powerful form of technical analysis.



What you will discover from this e-book


1.   Stock selection process that will lead you to the best stocks to buy

2.   Simple tricks on how to choose your next winning stocks for you to earn your fortune

3.   A real life example on how to select stocks that had 225% price increased in just 3 months, 77% price increased for just 5 months and many more..

4.   How to avoid the losing stocks to prevent you from draining your profit (this is important as finding good stocks to buy)

5.   Easily find stocks that are in uptrend so you can ride to its upward momentum and make a lot of money from it

6.   Timing in selling stocks to protect your profit (it is important as when to buy stocks)

7.   Guides on how to get your maximum trading result

8.   Complete start up guide that will help you from buying to selling your stocks

9.   Tips which successful investor and trader used, that will boost you in your trading career

 And a whole lot more…

When I was just starting in stock market, I am researching in the internet for every possible knowledge I need to learn in buying stocks. I will go online on my free time to look for techniques that I can use to time the entry in stocks so that I can get good profit.

I will never forget when I had trade and loss Php10,000+. I just closed my eyes and accept the Php10,000+ loss in just 1 trade. It was very frustrating moment.

Until I learned the techniques that I’m going to share to you thru this e-book. After a months of implementation, I am able to make my portfolio green and increased my percentage of gains.

Yes, that is true. I made a good percentage of gains for just a few months. During the time that I am using the technique, I am able to take the screen shot of my portfolio:


POPI as of June 30 with mark2


As of October 62015 - with mark



But wait, maybe you are thinking…

  • I don’t have enough knowledge in analyzing stocks
  • I don’t have any trainings on technical analysis


This is absolutely for you.

Because this e-book uses simple technical indicators and instructions that is easy to follow and understand.

You don’t need advance knowledge in technical analysis here.




Every techniques are supported by Philippine stock charts as an example to explain further what you are reading. This way, you can easily understand the techniques.

It is like you are attending a seminar because you are visually seeing the actual chart.


But…   you have to take action

… If you want to achieve something, you need to take action towards it.

… If you want to learn something, you need to take action to learn it.

… If you want to build fortune from your stocks, you need to take action by learning the proven techniques from this e-book.


How much this book will cost you?

Consider the following:

Scenario #1: If you can’t sell your current stocks position because it’s losing, it will cause you a lot because you have to wait to go up again its price. You can wait for them to go up again why not, but, how long it will takes for you to wait. Yung time na hinintay mo para tumaas ang presyo ng stock position mo ei kumikita ka na dapat.

Scenario #2: How much you have lose from your previous trade?


Surprisingly, this e-book will cost you for only Php1,000. A very small fraction of what you will be making from your stocks for the next 120 days or less if you will apply properly the techniques that you will learn from here.

ACTUALLY, you can get back your Php1,000 investment for just one trade. BUT, you can use the techniques here to your entire career in stock market. You can revisit it and read again and again.

So, you think your investment for this e-book is worthy considering that you can use the techniques here to your current and future trades?


To help you more, I have added bonus for you:

ADDED BONUS #1: FREE 1 year access to “Monthly Stocks Performance” on pinoy stocks journal membership site. On monthly stocks performance, you can find companies that performed best and worst for the month. This will greatly help you in choosing your next stocks to buy.

ADDED BONUS #2: Trade record monitoring with trading calculator. This is simple excel file will help you track your trades, how much you made in every trade and its percentage. The trading calculator will help you determine how much you will be paying when buying certain amount of stocks and how much you will be making when selling.

ADDED BONUS #3: If you are newbie in using stock chart, I have included the “Step by Step Guide on Setting up Your Chart” including the Smart Guide e-book recommended chart settings for FREE. This is based on COL charting apps. If you are not a COL customer, you can use this as your Pattern for setting up your chart.


100% Money Back Guarantee!

I am asking you to send tiny portion of the mount compare to what you will learn and make in the future using the techniques.

And now, I am giving you 30 days 100% money back guarantee. You have plenty of time to absorb the lessons on this e-book and test it out.

If you don’t agree that the amount is just tiny portion compare to what you have learned from the e-book, send me an email.

I will refund your payment without any question. Friends pa din tayo.


In summary of what you will get:

1.   Your Smart Guide to Winning Stocks e-book (updated2020)

2.   Access to “Monthly Stocks Performance” FREE for 1 year

3.   Trade record monitoring with trading calculator for FREE

4.   Step by Step Guide on Setting up Your Chart for FREE

5.   Backup by 30 days 100% Money Back Guarantee


So, if you are not getting the result that you want when trading stocks, I encourage you to try this e-book…

…Remember, you have nothing to lose because you are covered by 30 days 100% money back guarantee.


Below are the ways on how to buy this e-book




To your next winning stocks,



P.S. - To completely learn the tips and technique in this e-book, repeat reading it again and again. Don’t just dump it after reading once. Read it again and again until it sinks to your subconscious mind.


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