Good day kabayan,

My name is Abner Meneses. But you can call me Polunio.

Stock market is one of the good avenue to make your money grow. That’s the fact.

But if you don’t have the right knowledge how it works, or how to choose your next stock, you will end up struggling with your stock position.

This is website was built to provide you updates, news, tips, tricks and other forms or idea to give you what you need to have confidence in trading and investing in our stock market.

To empower you also in your trading strategy to give you the maximum result that you want.

Update: We will provide you update from our current market, economy update including other main economy that can affect our stock market.

News: Company news has been provided here for us to be updated for the plans of the company that are traded in our stock market.

Tips and Tricks: We will provide you our best to give you or to enhance your knowledge in your trading analysis. Consider as additional portal for your knowledge that help you in your decision in choosing your next stock picks.


To your next winning stocks,