“How to Choose Your Next Winning Stocks. . .

. . . Using This Simple and Easy to Follow Technique”


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When I have created “Your Smart Guide to Winning Stocks” e-book and start selling, there are customers that are asking if there are physical or hard copy of the e-book.


But instead, I have decided to create video course first although more expensive in production, because for me, it is more important.


Why? Because you will learn more thru video course. It will be more helpful than the physical copy of the e-book.


Aside from that, it is downloadable and you can watch it immediately after purchase.


And here is interesting facts why this video course is important, Based on Edgar Dale’s cone of learning, people generally remember:

-          10% of what they read

-          20% of what they hear

-          30% of what they see

-          50% of what they hear and see

-          70% of what they say and write

-          90% of what they do

This is the reason why seeing, listening and doing is important in learning. And this is the reason also why this video course can help you a lot.


That’s the side of importance when it comes to learning. Let’s discuss now whether this video course is for you or not.

This is for you if:

-          You have already know the basic in stock market

-          Currently trading/investing in stock market

-          Stacked up to stocks that you can’t sell because it’s losing

-          Confused which stock to buy from the recommended list

-          Lose from previous trade because you don’t know when to sell your stocks

-          You prepare to learn thru visual and audio aid

-          Prepare learning thru course style

-          Learning while travelling

-          Want to know the specific entry point when buying stocks

If you find yourself on the above list, I HIGHLY recommend to you this video course.


What you will learn from this Video Course?

1.   Two powerful trading analysis tools that you can use when selecting good stocks to buy. How to use them so that you can own stocks that will give you big profit

2.   Tips on shortlisting stocks for you to identify good stocks to buy

3.   How to avoid losing stocks that will drain your portfolio

4.   Chart example of stocks that have 197% price increase for just 6 months, 120% price increase for just 2 months and how you can select that too

5.   Timing and technique in selling stocks for you get the maximum possible profit

6.   Tips to get your maximum trading result

7.   Specific entry point when buying stocks so that you can ride to the uptrend stocks

8.   You will learn the technique right away because there is activity given, for you to practice what you have learned


How much this video course will cost you?

Consider the following benefits of this video course:

>        Easy to understand because you can watch and hear the technique that will teach here

>        You can learn from it anywhere you are because you can watch this thru your mobile phones, tablet or laptop

>        Since this is downloadable video version (mp4 format), you can pause, back or select any track you want

>        You can watch even if you are in bed before you sleep

>        Long travel due to traffic jam is not waste of time now because you can watch this thru your mobile phone

>        As stated in Edgar Dale’s cone of learning, people generally remember 50% of what they hear and see

>        You will be able to spot stocks that will give you good profit

>        You will learn the proven technique and right timing in selling stocks

>        You will be able to identify stocks that are need to avoid for the meantime because its losing

>        You will be able to determine your entry point when buying stocks

>        You will learn faster by actually doing the technique that are being teach

>        And many more…


By now, you have already find out that video course is far more valuable. This means that this video course will help you double, triple or even quadruple your learning process. But the most important is, your portfolio will grow after applying the technique that you will learn from here.

And since this Video Course can help you quadruple your learning process, I can price it quadruple of the e-book version price.

But I will not do that…

…Because I want you to learn more from this video course, I want this also affordable to you.

This video course is for only Php2,000. Just a double of the price of the e-book version, but the benefits that you will get is priceless when it comes to learning and profit that you will get from your stock investment and trading.


To help you better, I have added bonuses for you:

ADDED BONUS #1: FREE 1 year access to “Monthly Stocks Performance” on pinoy stocks journal membership site. On monthly stocks performance, you can find the companies that perform best and worst for the month. This will greatly help you in choosing your next stocks to buy.

ADDED BONUS #2: Trade record monitoring with trading calculator. This is simple excel file will help you track your trades, how much you made in every trade and its percentage. The trading calculator will help you determine how much you will be paying when buying certain amount of stocks and how much you will be making when selling.

ADDED BONUS #3: If you are newbie in using stock chart, I have included the “Step by Step Guide (with picture) on how to add technical indicator using COL charting” for FREE. This is beneficial to you if you a COL customer. But if you are using different online stock broker, you can use this as a Pattern.

ADDED BONUS #4: To fully maximize what you will learn from the video course, I have added bonus video entitle: “Other MACD settings”. Aside from default MACD settings, you will learn here another settings that will greatly help you to time your entry into stocks.


100% Money Back Guarantee!

I am asking you to send tiny portion of the mount compare to what you will learn and make in the future using the techniques.

And now, I am giving you 30 days 100% money back guarantee. You have plenty of time to absorb the lessons on the video course and test it out.

If you don’t agree that the amount is just tiny portion compare to what you have learned from the video course, send me an email.

I will refund your payment without any question. Friends pa din tayo.



Want to learn faster and at the same time making money in your stocks?


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